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    I have a field that is only mandatory if a specific checkbox has been checked.

    This field is always visible and should remain so; therefore a conditional logic using show/hide field will not suit.

    The user can fill this field in optionally (ie not required) in most situations BUT if they select a specific checkbox this field becomes mandatory.


    Is there a way to programatically toggle or set the ‘required’ state for fields for submit form validation?

    I need to do this in client-side JS.



    I see you add a ‘required’ CSS class to fields and don’t use ‘REQUIRED’ parameter on form fields.

    Given this,

    If I set the field as required in the settings and set it up as if it is always expected (ie set validators and error message text)

    Then programatically remove the ‘required’ class… when it is not mandatory…

    Will QuForm ‘On submit’ ignore the required settings and allow the form to go?

    If so I have a solution I could use.

    Please advise if above would work.. or provide a solution if possible.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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