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    I am trying to make my website fully PHP7 compliant and avoid conflicts between my plugins and my theme, so I used “WP Engine PHP Compatibility Checker” to test all my plugins.

    I noticed an issue within your plugin.

    I would be very happy if you could fix it. Thanks a lot!

    Here it is:
    FILE: /wp-content/plugins/iphorm-form-builder/includes/JSON.php
    561 | ERROR | preg_replace() – /e modifier is forbidden since PHP 7.0



    How about adding the most basic simplistic feature you are missing…. ALLOW US TO CHANGE THE BACKGROUND COLOR of the contact form !!!!!!!!!!!! This is crazy you don’t have this option. I want a color background and it appears you don’t offer it.



    PLEASE – PLEASE Make it easier to find the shortcode for each form. If I haven’t used this plugin (QuForm – WordPress) for a while I have to search for 20+ minutes to find the shortcode. Can you please just place it in “All Forms” > And then in line with each form make a column for “Shortcode” and place it there for us to copy. I don’t know why it has to be buried. It is easy to find if I used this plugin a lot, but I don’t and can never remember where it is located. Just one person’s thought.



    Ability to edit entries, and also to be able to upload forms after the original submission.

    We use this for adding accounts for new hires, after the form is submitted and the user is trained, we would like to be able to upload a form indicating they have been trained, thus this would get attached to the original form submitted.

    Also, the ability to have fields that are hidden, but part of a field.

    Example, if we have a field that is checked that an account is needed for a specific area, it would be nice to have a field with a date code, and then a box for initials. The date would be added when the account is created, along with the initials of the person that created the account. These 2 fields would be the for the admin only.. not for the submitter of the form.



    Customize your parameters (the body of the letter) for each recipient who is in the copy of the form submission.
    It is very convenient for sending orders to the manager and adding emails to CPM + sending sms through the email gateway.

    I used translate for translation.



    A email verification feature to ensure people are providing their actual email address would be a great feature.



    duplicate Fields, please!!!!



    1. It will be nice to have shortcuts to display latest Form Data entries in a Page, or Post

    2. To have multiple customisable actions when submitting a form ( to execute some javascript or function or playing with entries…)



    Hi Guys
    I would like to see a read only field purely for displaying an image. Is this a possibility without using the html to place a shortcode?


Viewing 9 posts - 91 through 99 (of 99 total)

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