Section break

The section break shortcode allows you to display breaks between content sections. The options for this shortcode are shown below. See examples here.

Option Default Example Description
type line type="graphics" The type of break will determine how it looks:

  • blank – Use for pixel perfect extra space between elements
  • line – CSS line
  • graphics – Image lines
type_css_size (empty) type_css_size="-lrg" Size of the break (only applies to line type):

  • (empty) – Small
  • -lrg – Thick
type_css_color (empty) type_css_color="-prime" Color of the break (only applies to line type):

  • (empty) – Background blend
  • -primary – Primary
type_css_style (empty) type_css_style="dotted" Style of the break (only applies to line type):

  • (empty) – Solid
  • dashed – Dashed
  • dotted – Dotted
  • double – Double
type_css_design (empty) type_css_design="left-detail" Style of the break (only applies to line type):

  • (empty) – Both
  • left-detail – Left
  • right-detail – Right
  • no-detail – None
type_image diagonal type_image="diagonal-transp" Style of the break (only applies to graphics type):

  • diagonal – Diagonal lines
  • diagonal-dark – Diagonal lines dark
  • diagonal-transp – Diagonal lines more opacity
  • diagonal-dark-transp – Diagonal lines dark more opacity
  • indent-light – Indent light
  • indent-dark – Indent dark
margin_top 20 margin_top="10" Add a CSS margin-top in pixels.
margin_bottom 20 margin_bottom="10" Add a CSS margin-bottom in pixels.
width (empty) width="250" Add a CSS width to the section break.
position (empty) position="pos-left" Position:

  • (empty) – Center
  • pos-left – Left
  • pos-right – Right
stretched 0 stretched="1" This will stretch the section break to the edge of the main container.
hide (empty) hide="hide-phone" This gives you the ability to hide this shortcode on the devices you select:

  • (empty) = None
  • hide-phone-ptr = Phone portrait
  • hide-phone = Phone landscape
  • hide-tablet-ptr = Tablet portrait
  • hide-tablet = Tablet landscape
  • hide-desktop = Desktop
  • hide-large = Large


[section_break type="diagonal"]

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