The cycle shortcode displays cycling content slides. The options for this shortcode are shown below.

Option Default Example Description
controls 1 controls="0" Display the controls
fx fade fx="scrollHorz" The transition fx, see Cycle Effects Browser
speed_in 1000 speed_in="1000" The speed of the “in” transition in milliseconds
speed_out 0 speed_out="1000" The speed of the “out” transition in milliseconds
timeout 0 timeout="5000" How long to display each slide in milliseconds, set to 0 to disable auto advance
width 0 width="300" Container width, set to 0 for full width
height 0 width="200" Container height, set to 0 for auto height


[cycle fx="scrollHorz" speed_in="1000" speed_out="1000" timeout="5000" width="300" height="150"]
[cycle_slide]This is one slide[/cycle_slide]
[cycle_slide]<img src="example.png" alt="An image" />[/cycle_slide]

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