The galleria shortcode allows you to display a gallery of images using the Galleria script. The options for this shortcode are shown below.

Option Default Example Description
transition fade transition="flash" The transition animation type

  • fade
  • flash
  • pulse
  • slide
  • fadeslide
speed 5000 speed="4000" The slideshow interval in milliseconds
width 0 width="500" Set a fixed width of the gallery, if 0 it will fill the content area
height 0 height="300" Set a fixed height of the gallery, if 0 it will be set automatically
image_crop 0 image_crop="1" Defines how the main image will be cropped inside its container. See the Galleria documentation.

  • 1 – true
  • 0 – false
  • height
  • width
  • landscape
  • portrait
show_counter 0 show_counter="1" Show the image counter
show_imagenav 0 show_imagenav="1" Show image navigation
pause_on_interaction 1 pause_on_interaction="0" The slideshow will pause when the user interacts with the gallery
lightbox 0 lightbox="1" Use a lightbox when the user clicks on an image


[galleria transition="flash" lightbox="1" width="500"]
<img src="" alt="Image 1" />
<img src="" alt="Image 2" />
<img src="" alt="Image 3" />

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