Impact headers

The impact header shortcode allows you to display big impact headings. The text between the opening a closing shortcodes is the header text. The options for this shortcode are shown below.

Option Default Example Description
type only-heading type="heading-subheading-button" The header type

  • only-heading – Only Heading
  • heading-button – Heading & Button
  • heading-subheading – Heading & Sub-heading
  • heading-subheading-button – Heading, Sub-heading & Button
subheading (empty) subheading=”This is a subheading” The subheading shows below the main heading
button_text (empty) button_text=”Click me” The button text
button_link (empty) button_link=”” The destination URL of the button
button_external 0 button_external=”1″ Open the destination URL in a new tab/window, 1 = true, 0 = false


[impact_header type="heading-subheading-button" subheading="This is a subheading" button_text="Click me" button_link=""]
Heading text is here

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