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I am still having a problem. The filename value in the new array of form inputs are showing a NULL for the filename. I am using the single file upload.


All of the other form elements are populating the new array as expected. Does the array need to be decoded or parsed?

this is my code

        /** Custom code section #1 - see documentation for examples **/
            //Capture form input values
            $ho_meetdate = $form->getValue('meetingdate');
            $ho_acronym = $form->getValue('ho_acronym');
            $ho_type = $form->getValue('ho_type');
            //get uploaded file name  
            $files = $form->getValue('upload');
            $ofilename = ($files[0]['filename']);
            //Rename uploaded file
            $newfilename = $ho_acronym . $ho_type; 
            //Create new array if does not exist or append if exists
            $arr_file = array();
                $arr_file['meetdate'] = $ho_meetdate;
                $arr_file['acronym']  = $ho_acronym;
                $arr_file['type']     = $ho_type;  
                $arr_file['ofilename']= $ofilename; 
                $arr_file['nfilename']= $newfilename;  
            //Save the JSON string to a text file.
            $ho_encoded = json_encode($arr_file);
                file_put_contents("../../editor/handout_arrayTest.txt", $ho_encoded); 
        /** End custom code section #1 **/

Array contents = {“meetdate”:”2019-05-02″,”acronym”:”aa”,”type”:”_ho_1c.pdf”,”ofilename”:null,”nfilename”:”aa_ho_1c.pdf”}

Thank you for your help

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