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I still have issue regarding datepicker on mobile.
I have those settings enabled:
– Auto open datepicker
– Read only

On an Android device (in my case I test with a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android 9, so not my device’s fault, it’s new and latest Android version) I tested the field and it’s glitchy. Let me explain.

→ Basically when I tap/touch on the field itself it open the datepicker but when I click on a date it doesn’t write it on my field.

The date is displayed correctly in my input only after this case:
– I click on the calendar icon (THIS is the important step to make it work)
– It open the datepicker
– I can navigate through the month with the left and right arrow on the top of the datepicker (when I cliked on the input itself anywhere I clicked on the datepicker closed it and no date displayed in the input field)
– I click on a date
– The date is displayed in my input field (SO in this case it’s working)

I guess taping on the field and not on the icon make it doesn’t work.
So it’s a huge issue, because I need my datepicker to work (when I click anywhere on my input field) on mobile, not hoping the visitor of the website to tap only on the calendar icon and not on the field as it’s a basic behavior.

Can you fix this issue? By simulate a click on the icon itself when we click on the input everywhere else but not the calendar icon? Or simply make it work by default when we open the datepicker by taping the field itself (and not the calendar icon).

Thanks you.

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