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Thanks for that here is the page the form is on

And here are the fields needed for posting to the custom post called Coupons

The first two fields of name and email address are not needed for posting and also no categories are needed.

Field 1: Name of app on promotion = title of post
Field 2: Website (custom field) = wp_coupons_discount_url
Field 3: Coupon code (custom field) = wp_coupons_discount_code
Field 4: Discount amount (custom field) = wp_coupons_discount_percent
Field 5: Company logo = featured image of post
Field 6: Promotion Expiry Date (custom field) = wp_coupons_expiration
Field 7: Describe the promotion = standard post content area

I hope that all makes sense and I really appreciate your support on this!

Best wishes

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