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Hi Ally.
the suggested code did not work for checkbox, it appears empty, only appear the option the default option. (ex custom) it only works with a text box, but i can edit later.
Example in edit field:
:a:5:{i:0;s:15:”Río de Janeiro”;i:1;s:25:”Estado de Río de Janeiro”;i:2;s:6:”Brasil”;i:3;s:9:”Eindhoven”;i:4;s:13:”Países Bajos”;}
In the frontend:
Río de Janeiro, Estado de Río de Janeiro, Brasil, Eindhoven, Países Bajos

may be i should create a Repeater Fields field in xprofile? Could the information be imported as well?

On the other hand, how to determine the user’s role in the registry, i tried this but it didn t work, because I generated the profile with role *shop_manager* but it does nt imporport the xprofiles, any suggestions?

add_action('quform_post_process_7', function (array $result, Quform_Form $form) {
if (function_exists('bp_core_signup_user')) {
    $username = $form->getValueText('quform_7_6');
    $email = $form->getValueText('quform_7_6');
     $password = $form->getValueText('quform_7_7');

    // XProfile fields
    $usermeta = array(

         'field_1' => $form->getValueText('quform_7_10'),
         'field_43' => $form->getValueText('quform_7_6'),
             'field_44' => $form->getValueText('quform_7_20'),


    $usermeta['profile_field_ids'] = '1,43,44';
    $usermeta['password'] = wp_hash_password($password);

 $new_user = bp_core_signup_user($username, $password,$usermeta, $user_data->email, array());
         $data = array('ID' => $new_user, 
                      'role' => 'shop_manager',

       update_user_meta( $user->ID, 'test', $usermeta );

return $result;
}, 10, 2);

Thanks very much! regards,

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