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Hello Ally, and thanks again for your help.
It worked perfectly, but… is there any way to combine the two codes?

I’m sorry, now I’ve been asked that after all, an error message should only occur if BOTH FIELDS are repeated in the database, that is, if only one is repeated, it can still be sent, if both are repeated – they already exist – then yes, it gives an error.

I know that this kind of situation is already more customization than plugin support, and even though I won’t receive anything from who is asking for this code customization, I’m willing to pay because even though I don’t know how to program very well, I know it takes time and knowledge.

Please, if you can help me with this last customization I would really appreciate it, and as I said if it is necessary tell me a fee to pay for the development.

field 10_5
email (check last 4 characters)

field 10_28
phone number (first 4 digits)

If one already exists, send the form anyway.
If both already exist in the database, an error message appears.

I’ll be waiting for your feedback.

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