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Hello Ally,
Please forgive me for my late answer, I had an accident.
Now everything is fine again, I’m healthy and I can take care of my project.
Sorry for the delay. Thank you for your quick answer, I appreciated it.

Question 1. – problem solved: The problem seems to be only with my Outlook installation, strange,
I sent the email to gmail and other email programs.
There it was displayed cleanly, without errors and a white line in the title.
Good to know that you have a plugin available if I want to change the style from the email.

Question 2. – problem solved: Works fine, thanks a lot for the helpful tip.

Question 3. – problem solved: I solved the problem differently. I simply chose a multi-line text area for the form.
Apparently a CSS of the theme is used for single-line text areas. With a multiline text area the color selection works.
I found the issue and the CSS from the theme.

Question 4. – problem solved: This is wonderful, thank you very much for the tip.
I am thrilled. I understand, this is also the way to solve it. You solved that very well!

Question 5. – problem solved: Very good, wonderful! Cool that it can be solved like that.

This is have made, it looks very cool:

Thanks again very much for your help. Your plugin is simply the best.
It took a little while in the beginning to get along with it,
but now I get along quite well. I have had other form plugins (your competition companies),
but I must say, your plugin tops everything!
Have a good time and take care.
Kind Regards,

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