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Here is what I have tried. I have added a parameter “Names” to the field.
The shortcode I want to use is [wpdatatable id=12] – it is a query and returns a list of names.
The options added to the field include: Cat, Dog, Steve, Susan

With Steve & Susan values returned with [wpdatatable id=12]

So my expectation when applying this is the drop down has Cat & Dog removed as they are not in the list (I really want to simply populate the available list based on the shortcode but I don’t think that is doable)

In the default values box I have tried the following, with none working.

values=”names=[wpdatatable id=12]”
values=”names=wpdatatable id=12″
[quform id="1" values="names=wpdatatable id=12"]
[quform id=”1″ values=”names=wpdatatable id=12″
names=wpdatatable id=12
values=names=wpdatatable id=12
[values=names=wpdatatable id=12]
[values=names=”wpdatatable id=12″]
[quform id=”1″ values=”names=[wpdatatable id=12]”]

I don’t know what the format is, but have tried almost everything I can think of.

Even removing the shortcode and trying what that resource page has for Select Menu:

[quform id="1" values="foo=Option 1"]

and nothing happens.


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