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Hi Ally,

I tried with a few e-mail addresses that I deleted from Mailchimp, but that didn’t seem to work because Mailchimp recognised the addresses I guess. (although it does work when i fill in the Mailchimp signup form).

When a colleague tried with a fresh e-mail address. it semi worked.
The email address was instantly added to the audience list (So it does work), but before any opt-in email was sent (that’s not correct).

The opt-in option in Quform settings (under Mailchimp) is unchecked.
The opt-in option in Mailchimp (of the audience list) is checked.

Should both opt-in options be checked for it to work?

And Mailchimp is also set to send a welcome e-mail for when a person is added to the list, that didn’t send either..
When I fill in the sign up form (from Mailchimp) it all works.. So there is something wrong with the Mailchimp integration.

Hope you can help.

Kind regards,
Emile Jansen

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