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Hi Ally, yes you are right. Sadly i have started with the index.html you provide and as NOT knowing the “quform-elements” are being used for this i deleted the div 😀
Perhaps a comment:
// this div is used for ajax success output
would be nice in the provided index.html


Also, do not want to create yet another thread, but for everybody looking for CONDITIONAL logic, here is a simple VANILLA js for hiding options in select in condition from another select:

document.addEventListener('input', function (event) {
	if ( !== 'firstSelectId') return;
	let firstSelectVariable =;

	var optionsSecondSelect = document.getElementsByClassName('SecondSelectClassName');
	for (var i = 0; i < optionsSecondSelect.length; i++) {
        if (optionsSecondSelect[i].className.includes(firstSelectVariable)) { 
              //console.log("I see the dead people");
			  optionsSecondSelect[i].style.display = "block";
		else { 
			  optionsSecondSelect[i].style.display = "none";
}, false);

For this to work the options in second select have to have a
class=”SecondSelectClassName firstSelectVariable”
with “SecondSelectClassName” static
and “firstSelectVariable” to be filtered after!

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