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I cant do that… I will try to explain.

I have a form for taking meassures of different pieces of ventilation part.

On my first page i think i will have a set of radio buttons (right now it is checkboxes), that submits on choise and thefore goes forward to the page whit that specific piece on it.

So i already have logic rules on each page whit a different kind of ventilation part on it. The idea is to be able to put in more parts as one meassures and go back and forth betwen the part selection page and the part pages. Therefore i will get rid of the “next” button on the part specific pages.

And at the end i have a page form to fill in company name, email etc.
So what i need is either to have a link to the last page. But i have some trubble geting it look good. If i go whit that i want it to look the same as al the other buttons in the form. Or i can place the page whit email etc. before all the different pice pages. Therefore the question of the submit button…

My logic rules on the specific part pages are:
Show if:
Radiobutton 1 =Type 1 and/or the email field isnotempty.

Adress to the form:

Do you have any suggestion on how to move forward?

Thanks for really good support!!

/ Henrik

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