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Hi!, thank you again for your concern and help.

“if the chart script is getting the data through its own request it might not include the session cookie” -> I agree with you, but I didn’t know that could be possible: to make a call to that script without session variables, in the same server.
“Does it work if you visit the form-desigualdad-API.php directly?” -> yes, “form-desigualdad-API.php” works when I call it directly, but with parameters, of course, not with session variables. That’s why I thought that maybe WordPress is killing the session variables before the API call.

“if it’s possible to forward the cookie with the chart script data request”, I think I don’t understand what you mean. If you mean passing the data with parameters like “form-desigualdad-API.php?entryid=X”, that’s exactly what I am doing now, and it works, as I said before. But I don’t like this solution, I prefer to use your class and session variables functionality, so my call is much cleaner (and maybe safer too).

Kind regards,

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