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thank you. At the moment it is only possible to duplicate “your” form – i know. Forms which get called through a menu item which referes the correct shortcord, can be called perfectly for different languages.

But with forms, which get called out of or from “pages”, they cannot be translated using the new wpml feature. By using this feature the listed shortcode is not available for translation, so the “basic” language form gets called

Since the WPML 4.5 Translate Anything feature (manual oder automatic mode) there is no need to duplicate the pages for each language. There exists a feature to only translate text oder links to the desired languages. So a simply layout change does not effect to maintain each single duplicated wordpress page for each language.

So at the moment i need to duplicate your forms and the wordpress pages for each language. so it there a basic changes on the layout a page, each duplicated page need to be adopted manually.

When do you have plans to support wpml and also the translation of shortcodes of pages to activate your forms…

Thank you

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