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Hi Ally,
I didn’t work on this until now. That’s why I didn’t tell you the advance.
Your solution redirecting the page is very good, it download the file, the problem now is that the form don´t finish the process (send you the image of the rounding circle working).
What I mean the form is not finishin is
a) Confirmation-> redirect to a custom URL: the file is dowloaded but the form keeps the information and don´t let to intoduce new information, The circle keeps rounding.
b) Confirmation-> display a message and redirect to a custom URL: the file is downloaded, a message is displayed but don’t clear the fields and don’t let to introduce new information.
I can’t give you access to the form because I am working in a local host previous to up the form to my website.
What do you think is happenning?
Thanks in advance.

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