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Thanks for your response. I have an issue with this. The other day you resolve a questions about the change in radio button field. The same thing here:
1     $(‘.quform-field-6_18’).change(function () {
2         tipo       = $(‘.quform-field-6_18’).val();
3         if (tipo === ‘N’){
4             $(‘.quform-element-6_113 .quform-label-text’).text(‘nombre’);
5         }
6         codCuenta  = $(‘.quform-field-6_7’).val();
7         noOpcion   = $(‘.quform-field-6_98’).val();
8         tipo       = $(‘.quform-field-6_18’).val();
9         console.log(tipo);
10         consultaFlds(‘wp_cb_006m’,codCuenta,’cb_006m_codCuenta’,noOpcion,’cb_006m_noOpcionP’)
11     })

a) 6_18 field is a radio button one. With this change function the logical conditions work fine.
b) the label text depend on the value of this field, but doesn’t triger the label change.
c) For example: the 6_19 have values of ‘C’ and ‘N’, when the value change to ‘N’ the label has to change but when I check the console.log the value always remain on ‘C’
What can I do?
Thanks in advance for your help.

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