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Hi Ally,

I haven’t been able to spend too much time with this the past few days. I did change the my form action to “process.php”, and to my surprise, the form generated that same list of errors. So is the form is still being processed by “process-all-elements.php” in spite of the change? I went and deleted all of the stock elements in “process-all-elements.php” and copied/pasted my custom elements from “process.php” into that file. I did not change any of the other parameters in “process-all-elements.php” like those telling where to send reports, email info, etc. I tested the form that way and I did not get the same stack of errors so I believe I am on the right track. I did not get any errors. The form did not do anything at all. Hopefully, that means I have it right now. I hope so.

My next thing will be to enter that email data, creating recipients for the form data and the smtp configuration I use. Hopefully, it will work now and do the tasks it is supposed to do upon submission.


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