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Once again, many, many thanks for your help.

I have one more question, hopefully the last for now.

For three of our forms we would like to have two different versions of our festival passes. The form as a whole should close after 50 entries in each case – but these 50 entries should be distributed between the two versions. For example, version A should be able to be ordered 12 times and version B 38 times. I wanted to create a radio button with these two options (version A or version B) and found this example. The button for version A should also disappear when it has been selected a total of 12 times. However, the button would have to be counted six times instead of only once for an order for e.g. six people and thus six festival passes. Is there a way to make the button disappear after exactly 12 festival pass orders, no matter if this is the case after two or twelve entries? Ideally, even with a multiple order of e.g. six people, it could then be selected for all people individually whether they want version A or version B (one radio button with the selection between version A and version B per name / festival pass). Is it possible to get the maximum number of 12 festival pass orders from a sum of several radio buttons and have them disappear automatically as soon as version A has been selected 12 times? Also if e.g. the first entry/order selects 6 times version A, the second entry/order selects 4 times version A and the third entry would like to select also 4 times version A, but after two selections gets the message (version A is unfortunately no longer available – this can be because for this version only a limited number of seats is available).

I would like to thank you again very much for your help and patience.


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