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I checked Step 1 and “When to load scripts/styles” is set to “Always”. Before Step 2 I took a screenshot of Step 3’s output and was giving a 404 error. So then I went to Step 2 and turned off “Combine CSS” option and saved the settings, and the honeypots are now hidden/non-visible as they should be.

When I did troubleshooting before I posted here in the forums, on our other websites I had set “Enable honeypot CAPTCHA” to OFF, and then set it to ON and the honeypot would again be hidden/non-visible as it should be. When I got to your Step 2 and set “Combine CSS” to OFF and honeypot was again hidden/non-visible as it should be, and then I changed it back to ON and the honeypot is still hidden/non-visible. So the cause isn’t a permanent error from having “Combine CSS” set to ON.

So, for some reason either setting “Enable honeypot CAPTCHA” to OFF then ON, or setting “Combine CSS” to OFF then ON result in the honeypot being hidden again, and I am trying to figure out why it happened. Naturally we want to prevent that from happening again. Do you have any idea why the honeypots became visible based on the information provided here?

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