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    Hi Ally,

    My client would like to encrypt all data fields submitted by user before it is saved in the database. Now I need to modify the following core files for this customization. is there a setting to do it? I would like to suggest to add two filters “quform_decrypt_field_value” and “quform_encrypt_field_value” for the customization . The searching function in the Forms->Entries would be disabled due to the data is encrypted.

    Below is the change for Quform 2 version 2.6.3
    —-For Encryption—–
    Line 644 Add

    $value = apply_filters('quform_encrypt_field_value', $value);

    ————–For Decryption——
    Quform/library/Quform/Admin/Page/Entries/Edit.php Line 137: Add

            $value = apply_filters('quform_decrypt_field_value', $value);

    Quform/library/Quform/Admin/Page/Entries/View.php Line 127: Add

          $value = apply_filters('quform_decrypt_field_value', $value);

    Line 340 and Line 342 Add:

            $row[$col] = $value;
            $row[$col]  = apply_filters('quform_decrypt_field_value', $row[$col]);
        } else {
                $row[$col] = isset($entry[$col]) ? $entry[$col] : '';
                $row[$col]  = apply_filters('quform_decrypt_field_value', $row[$col]);

    Line 620: Modify and Add

                $value = apply_filters('quform_decrypt_field_value', $this->columnElement($item, $columnName));
               return $value;



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