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    I have been looking for an answer 😀
    So here is the behavior I would like to set.

    My actual set up.
    I have set a number of tunes and they are chosen in a specific sequence.
    – They are all in the Theme Options.
    – Randomnize is off.
    – Autostart is on.
    – When music finishes it does nothing (because after 20 minutes I think it’s enough music 😀 but I leave the control buttons)

    What is happening.
    When you get to the Intro Page the tune1 starts and if you stay long enough tune2 will follow.
    But if you hit Enter on Intro Page before tune1 is finished, in jumping into Home Page tune1 restarts from beginning instead of continuing until it finishes OR instead of jumping to tune-2.

    What I would like.
    Is there a way for the music to be continuing from page to page?
    – Without starting from the beginning of the playing tune each time the visitor hit a new page?
    – For the music to be flowing “continuously” during the visit of the site like if you were not changing page?

    Thank you !!


    Support Staff

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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