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    1- Hello, I am trying to implement google analytics to the quform, i have successfully implemented the global code and it is detecting when users move from page to page, however, i need to be able to detect whenever the user chooses an option (clicks on a button) in the form. Right now i have few questions that the user answers by clicking on a button, and these buttons are set to “Submit on choice”, so whenever the user clicks on a button, the form moves to the question after it and so on.

    Attached is the image showing the code that i implemented following your guidelines, but this seems that it is not working as google analytics does not detect every time the user clicks on an answer (or button), please advise, thanks.

    2- Also, is there any way to hide option values from inspect element? I have given the options custom values but when i inspect element in the browser i can see the custom values set. i would like to hide them from being visible in inspect element in the browser. Please advise and check the image attached showing how i gave options custom values.

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    Hello, please ignore the first part of the question which is related to google analytics but please address the second part which deals with values. As stated, is there a way to hide values from being shown when using insect element on a browser? The values are options custom values. Thanks.


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