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    * Prologue

    One line summary: One line summary attached in every questions.

    Hello angel demi-god superman Ally! I’m a beginner of web and english in South Korea who changed my nickname. This time I wrote a sentence with the help of Google Translator. But my sentence can still be a bit strange. Please understand.

    * 1st Question

    One line summary: I would like to prevent entries from being registered in my website with Quform at all.

    When a user of my site registers entries, the contents of the entry are sent directly by mail. Therefore I do not want to leave the contents of the entries on the server at all. Entries contain personal information such as the user’s name and contact information. They should not leak. I don’t like jail 🙂 I’m a web novice and don’t know much about web security. If the entries do not remain on the server, there will be nothing to steal if a hacker breaks into my site. Mail is enough for our work.

    I looked for a way to leave no entries in the Quform at all. I looked in the WordPress Quform interface, and Quform documentation and forums, but I didn’t find it. So I want to ask you about that… T_T

    * 2nd Question

    One line summary: I want to use css to control the position and shape of the tooltip, the font, etc. js is good too if it doesn’t work with css.

    My site is, i think easy to use for computer users, but I expect mobile users to use it more. So I tried to maximize the mobile convenience of my web app made with Quform. I’m almost done. Except for the tooltip 🙁

    I wanted to customize the size and position of the tooltips, the font size, the background color, the border shape, etc. with css. I want the text to be larger, and most of all, I want the tooltip to move to the top of the screen.

    When a user touches over entering something on a Quform, the tooltip often hides the question over input field, or is covered by mobile keyboard, or is pushed away by the keyboard to hide an input field.

    I tried to change the tooltip’s appearance with CSS by finding the tooltip’s tag, id, class, name, etc. in the debugging mode of the Chrome browser, but couldn’t find it.

    If I struggle a bit, I think I can make it with js somehow. I’m not a complete beginner because passed 50 days since I started the web 🙂 But I think it is better to ask an easier way.

    * Epilogue

    Quform is only one wordpress form plugin, and ninja food is yummy 😉

    Support Staff

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    Oh I’m sorry. I think I searched well, but it wasn’t enough. I will not take demi-god’s precious time in the future. I will search more hard ^_^

    The tips you gave are valuable today too. Applying the tips you gave me now and future, I will make my site as one of the many best practices of Quform. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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