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    Hi, I am new to and one of the main reasons my friend and I decided to go for Quforms is the unparalleled support and 7 day money back guarantee. We have struggled a lot trying to add a simple upload file button to a form that was part of an Aardvark theme we recently invested in. The form is great and we would not be able to replicate its advanced and integrated functionalities if we were to create a form via Quforms from scratch. Therefore, I decided to make a form with only the upload button and date input, which I then added below the “Post Submission Form” coded by GhostPool- the creator of our Aardvark theme.
    The issue is that I now have two submit form buttons on the page and the only way to cope with this is to rename the Quform button to “Upload file”, but regardless of what I change the button to in Quforms, there is no change and it still appears as “send” on the button.
    Secondly, is there any possible way to have the uploaded file automatically attached and added to the new post created (which the GhostPool form does for us)? By the way, we intend on our site being a revision content sharing platform where users can post content (involving text, a file and image at least). Sorry if this is slightly confusing, but I cannot express how grateful we would be if someone could help us, because with this being such a specific issue, it is very difficult to find useful forums.
    If the two issues seem unsolvable, then could you guide us as to how to make a form that would allow users to create a new post on our website and choose a category (that we have created) for that post- rather than having a random drop down list. The post should also be pending review, so that all we have to do is click publish as the administrators of the site after reviewing the content. This is the functionality we are trying to implement. By the way, I have attached two images to illustrate the issue more clearly below.
    Thank you very much for your support.
    Many thanks,
    Christos (from

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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