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    Hello there,

    Since my Form containts more than 1 Uploadfield and allows multiple uploads I want to group the upload in folder per submited form. I have a “Projekt” Input in my Form so I might want to use this Inpute(since it is requierd as folder name) . If this is not possible it should be fine if i can add hours,minutes and seconds to make the uploads get grouped depending on their upload time.

    Best regards
    Moritz Kiehl.

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    Hi and if i know want to ad the date infront of the $value should i do it with

    return “HochgeladeneDateien/date(‘Y’)/date(‘m’)/date(‘d’)/$value/”;




    ok i solved it by creating a plugin and then adding this to it:

    add_filter(‘quform_upload_path_1’, function ($path, Quform_Element_File $element, Quform_Form $form) {
    $value = $form->getValueText(‘quform_1_9’);
    $value = sanitize_file_name($value);
    $date = getdate();
    $year = $date[‘year’];
    $month = $date[‘mon’];
    $day = $date[‘mday’];
    return “Dateiupload aus Formular/$year/$month/$day/$value/”;
    }, 10, 3);

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