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    We are a web agency, and we use your plugin quform v2. However we ave a problem with it, and need your advices to use some features.

    We use the plugin for a client who need a form for its clients to make commands (no payement needed on the form). In this form we have custom entries that we need to insert in Database in custom columns.

    This form as many entries saves in commands, but somes entries of the form need to be store in Database with customs columns. Here is a capture of the database structure :


    I also manage the plugin settings with :

    – Custom DB (not WordPress default)

    – Host

    – User Name

    – Pass Word

    – DB Name

    – Table Name

    And i inquire the columns, all the columns and the values


    After doing all of this, when i submit the form, i have two entries in the database table :


    As you can see first entry is good until the 10th column, after the date the informations are not insert
    And in the same time a second entry is insert but this time the form_id (2 on the first line) is the incremental id of the first entry ! And after that the datetime columns are default value, and this time i have the entries user_login: admin, user_email: alexis@mak2com.fr

    In the case i select only the option for use the WordPress Database and Table, i have this time only one entry in the database table (good news) but without the informations i need to insert (user_login, user_email)


    I’m sorry for my english, i’m french.

    I hope you may understand my problem.


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    Hi !

    Your reponse solved my problem, the insertion on of the datetime is correct ! Obviously, I should have thought about it.
    For the double insertion there is finally no problem with this, because i can get the informations on one entry.

    Thank’s for your fast reply !

    Have a nice day !


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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