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    We are currently using the WordPress multisite and the Quform WordPress plugin version 1.10.2. Each sub-site has its own Contact Us form created with the Quform plugin. Our customers are experiencing issues with form submissions and receiving an “Invalid email address” error message for certain email domains such as outlook.com, cityscoop.us, etc. Screenshot for your reference – https://prnt.sc/sRRyFLw0rY5q.
    We have tested the form submission with a test email address using the domain @cityscoop.com and it’s working fine but @cityscoop.us (entered manually in the email field) is not working and showing an invalid email error.

    We have already investigated with the support of our hosting server and everything seems to be in order on their end. The form responses we are receiving are as follows: https://prnt.sc/tN4niBcCI9f8, https://prnt.sc/69huWCVu33pq.

    One of the subsites for your reference is https://cityscoop.us/oaklandca-electrical/.

    Please resolve this issue and CC this email address support@cityscoop.us.

    Support Staff

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    Hi Ally,

    Thank you for your response. We have reviewed the email field settings in the advanced tab and found that there is only email address validation, not Regex validation. we have also removed the email address validation (https://prnt.sc/fbmeJaQ9wJlv) and tested the form submission, but we are still experiencing the same issue (https://prnt.sc/nYdd0Yv4aZmh). We sent you an email with this topic and site credentials to investigate further.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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