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    I am using Quform with Avada and WP Rocket. When I Preload the cache in WP Rocket, and then try to submit a Quform form, the quform captcha values don’t match, even though they are entered correctly. When I turn off WP Rocket Preload the form submits successfully. There are no php error logs.

    My thoughts are WP Rocket Preload is creating a cache of the page including the captcha on the page, then the next time the page is requested, at that point a new captcha is being created in the background but the website cached page is still showing the original captcha. So the user is entering the original captcha on the screen but this does not match the newly created captcha in the background.

    Am I correct in thinking this or could it be something else? And is there a way to make Quform captcha (not Google Re-captcha) work with WP Rocket Preload? Perhaps exclude a certain file from the Preload?


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    Thanks very much for the reply Ally. I use Quform on a few different sites and use reCAPTCHA on most of them. But for this one big website https://abcfinance.co.uk where speed is key, I use your captcha so that I don’t have to pull in the external Google resources. On this site, Quform is on most pages so excluding pages isn’t an option. Pre-loading the cache through WP Rocket makes the site lightning. Hope you can find a way to handle cached pages in your next update. Quform is great. Cheers.


    Forgot to say I left a comment as well over at Envato. You’ll probably notice on there. Sorry, of course no need to reply to that. Cheers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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