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    Unfortunately I don’t think this software is going to be flexible enough for me to use it for the task. If someone could clarify if the following is possible.

    I need to be able to place a text field within a checkbox response. In this case I need to supply the option for a respondent to fill out what wall construction they want for their building and give them the ability to fill in the value for the depth of the construction. They would select the checkbox for the wall type and type in the depth in millimeters.


    Please specify construction type:

    * 00 mm Clad Frame Wall
    * 00 mm Full Masonry Wall
    * 00 mm Brick Veneer Wall

    ie the “00” would be a field to allow for the depth to be entered by the respondent.

    This is quite common usage and I come across if often. I would like to be able to use Quform, but I cant seem to work out how it would be possible with its current design. Any advice? Cheers! Damien.

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    Thanks for your help, the second option is a good point.

    One other thing I noticed and might be worth considering as a future development. Currently the only way to show an item conditionally (with 2+ field rules) is if you nest the field inside a group. It would be handy if you could apply more than one condition based on more than one field, would certainly make the structure far less messy for more advanced forms.

    Another feature no other form creation software has that would give quform an edge would be the ability to have the form data send automatically if the form is abandoned incomplete by a respondent. Or alternatively allow for multi step forms which can be set to send on steps if required.

    The purpose of this is for lead generation. While owners may want a fully qualified lead, it does not hurt to get the vitals up front and have to contact them as a cold lead. If the respondent ran out of time filling out the form or simply gave up its nice to not waste that and still be able to follow up that person. Currently I have to design this myself with most form design.

    Nice software though! Cheers!

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    This may seem as though it might not crop up often, but the first form I used this software for, it cropped up in half a dozen places in the form. Its a major problem really and means I have to nest groups all over the place to make it work.


    Lets say we want to ask all the people with Red and Black cars if they like to drive fast.

    1. What vehicle do you drive:

    – push bike
    – Motorbike
    – Car
    – jet plane

    2. What colour is your vehicle ?

    – Red
    – Blue
    – Green
    – Yellow
    – White
    – Black

    3. Do you like driving fast?

    – Yes
    – No

    We only want to show this question conditionally for people with cars, and people who have red or black ones. As a result we cant use the “all” statement because there is only one vehicle we are testing for, but we are testing for two colours. We need to test both fields to find out if its relevant. Currently the only way to do this is to nest groups. Ideally we should be able to create groups of conditional statements for each item. If we use the “all” statement then we will only get results from people who have cars and they are both red and black.


    1. What vehicle do you drive “matches ANY”



    2. What colour is your vehicle ? “matches ANY”

    black, red

    In regards to the multiple send steps options, this is common practise. It means you have to treat respondents from a marketing perspective as cold leads. You contact them and say you noticed they started filling out a quote request online but stopped and you wondered if you could be of any assistance or they have any problem we could help with.

    This is common practice. If your marketing and paying perhaps over a dollar per person that visits the site, then you might be paying say $5 per person that fills out the form. This helps get more value out and for online marketing its essential. I would think your forms would be popular with affiliate marketers for example which would value from this.

    I know what you mean about ethics, from your perspective as a programmer you know that the field data does not send until you hit enter normally, though its becoming quite common practice to use dynamically sending form data. I have had cause to even make forms without a submit button, it registers the entry of the data as you put it in. I dont think its ethically wrong as long as you approach a respondent in the right manner. This is up to the user really not the fault of the software.

    In any case, very nice software and im impressed by it.


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