Changing the navigation

React is compatible with the WordPress menu system. To change the navigation, go to Appearance → Menus on the WordPress menu. Create one or more new menus, if you haven’t already, and call it anything you like e.g. Main. Once you’ve added the menu, assign it to one of React’s 3 Menu areas by ticking the relevant box at Appearance → Menus → Menu Settings → Theme locations.

See more info on adding the Menu into an area of React and styling it:

Creating sub menus

When you have added menu items, they become draggable and you can then drag and drop the order of your main nav. If you require subpages, drag a menu item slightly to the right of its parent, and this will create a drop down under that main nav item.

Add a Menu description

First you need to add the text for the description. Go to: Appearance → Menus → Menu Structure → (toggle open menu item) → Description*. Add the description text in the field provided.

* If Description field is not visible, you can switch it on in Appearance → Menus → Screen Options (Top right of page) → Description. Tick the box to show the Description field.

How to display the Description

In Theme Options → Global → Navigation → Navigation styles → Navigation style → Description type, you can choose from either a hover description or a line of text under the menu link.

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