Top Header

To activate

Go to: Theme Options → Design → On / Off → Top Header. Switch on for the devices of your choice.

Note: All content inside Top Header can also be switched into the Device Menu for smaller devices. See Responsive Options below.


Overall size

There are 3 size variation types for the Top Header. You can choose between Thin, Medium or Big in Theme Options → Global → Header → Header Options → Top Header type.

This is useful depending on how prominent you want the area to be.

Add Color

Go to: Theme Options → Design → Color → Top Header. More Info.

Add Texture or Background image

Go to: Theme Options → Design → Style → Top Header. More Info.

Responsive options

Switch area on or off for devices

Theme Options → Design → On / Off → Top Header

Switch to Device menu

Choose when to switch all Top Header content into the Device Menu.

Theme Options → Global → Navigation → Navigation convert points → When to swap Main Header and Solo Nav to the Device Menu
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