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Hi, I’m writing to you for an idea of double opt-in and “register consent” useful for those who use your plugin under the GDPR.

Maybe try to evaluate what others think about this add-on

Imagine a user who is about to fill out a form, no matter what the purpose.

In the back-end builder, activate the new function “confirm mail before accessing the form” for that form (thus activating the form in 2 steep).
You can also think of 2 forms (a pre-form, the same for all that authorizes the execution of the actual form)

form 1 / step 1) the form only asks for the user’s email, with the possibility of some checkboxes (for 1 ~ 3 consents / flags) to the policies and themes that the GDPR necessarily requires separate consents (e.g. Consent – Marketing – Profiling ), each one then customizes the text to taste .

A) the user enters the email and flags any mandatory checkboxes, etc.

B) The form shows a customizable sending confirmation message, to give you an idea: “thank you, we have sent you a verification email, confirm that the email is really yours to continue”.

The form when the user submits the form:
– save in email database and a unique random token,
– send an email with a dynamic link, including variables such as: reference email + token + id form “step 2” (disposable token). Thus allowing access to form 2 / “step 2” (Disposable Token)
– In a dedicated table in the db, it writes in what could then be “the confirmation register”, which can be consulted over time by the administrator (as when it records the replies, but separate from the replies) where it writes: email – datatime – IP of when the user has “confirmed the email” / clicked on the link to access step 2
(Since the GDPR in some cases requires you to be able to demonstrate when consent was given)

Form 2 / seep 2)
– The link can call up a second hidden form or jump to “page 2” of the same form where the user has entered his email
– if the mail and token match those awaiting approval, execute the form based on what was entered. from now on as it does now….

– – –
Your plugin is excellent, that’s why I tried to write you all this, because with such a thing, if developed well, you would perhaps be the only one and the logic but also the register of consents should then be highlighted in your marketing communication!

I hope I explained myself a little without getting confused.

Thanks for your attention and see you soon

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