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I found out that my host, iPage, did not have the ctype extension installed. The mail function is working now.

I have tested the form and it is not submitting all the attachments. I was able to send the first and last attachments. I have attached an image for reference. The settings for the maximum number of files for the single field is set to 5.

I got this error:

[15-Feb-2024 17:26:22 UTC] PHP Warning: rename(/tmp/quform/uploads/quformykN57r,/hermes/bosnacweb06/bosnacweb06af/b2869/ipg.cfrpcorg/heartlandregionaltpo/wp-content/uploads/quform/1/2024/02/15/Brownfields.jpg): No such file or directory in /hermes/bosnacweb06/bosnacweb06af/b2869/ipg.cfrpcorg/heartlandregionaltpo/wp-content/plugins/quform/library/Quform/Uploader.php on line 372

I need to be able to upload pdf and excel files here. I used the “Allowed file extensions” field, but I’m not sure if that is working. Here is my input: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, xlsx, xls, doc, docx

Also does the form have the possibility to create a new and unique folder for each time the form is submitted? I only see the date function and a hard folder number.

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