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Morning Ally,

I hope you had a wonderful night. Once again I thank you for your assistance.

I’m just wondering if you can shine a bit of light on CSS/JavaScript for me. Many times I use the website to look up CSS and JavaScript code, what I’m wondering is if there is a method of correlation on how to join what I learn on w3schools website and incorporate it into the QuForm’s “Custom CSS/Javascript” for forms and form elements.

With the above code help you provided, I’m wondering how I would extend it further to just a specific form and its elements, and/or just a specific element of a form. If you can at least teach me how to call or direct this custom CSS/JavaScript to the previously mentioned items that might help me understand the relationship and I could then try a bit harder with some success on my end.

For example:

1) If I wanted to take the solution you provided and extend it just to a specific form and its associated elements how would I go about directing the colour change code to that specific form and elements? Would I write it out like below:

.quform-12-field-text:read-only {
background-color: yellow;

with the “12” being the direction to the specific form number?

2) If I just wanted to take your solution and apply it to a specific form element or “text” element in this case, would I write it out as below:

.quform-field-12_3:read-only {
background-color: yellow;

With “12_3” being the specific element on form 12_3?

I hope this makes sense and that you can help me figure out or understand how to apply custom CSS/JavaScript that I learn from other sites and apply them to the QuForm’s “forms” and “form elements” this might help me further.

Thanking you in advance and I so love working with you.

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