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    I have followed all of the steps listed in the documentation, but I’m having trouble getting the recaptcha thing to even show up in my form. My form was working perfectly fine with just the basic setup and the basic “catch” recaptcha, but I need something more secure than that before I can take this page live.

    I feel like you left out out a step in the documentation because I can’t get it to work and I followed every step.

    And inside the process.php file, you say it doesn’t matter, but I can’t just put it anywhere. I tried putting it right after form settings, but it’s conflicting with the basic “type the word” validation. And if I comment out that part and put in my google one, it still won’t show up.

    With “type the word” removed from process.php and my index file, it doesn’t show the recaptcha at all and it lets me submit the form without it.

    Please help me fix this.


    Maybe I’ll just use the honeypot captcha method because at least I know that works.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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