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    I am using Quform for WordPress to create an application form for entertainers to apply for a showcase spot at an upcoming conference. They will need to submit considerable information regarding their backgrounds, performing history, audio recordings, video recordings and various types of promotional material.

    I have three questions:
    1. Can you direct me to a link that guides me on creating a custom database for all of this information?
    2. Is there a way to add a “Save” button for the user to save the information submitted so he/she does not lose their work if their connection is interrupted?
    3. I have activated Notifications and included the recipient emails, but the form is not sending emails even though it is submitting the data to the site. Do you know if the email will not be sent if the attachments are too large?

    Thank you.




    Saw your post and thought these links may help you get started on item 1 and 3.

    Refer: create-and-edit-custom-database-rows AND adjust using hints here. If you search forums for “Custom DB” you may find other tips.

    Item 3: Troubleshooting email guide.

    All the best



    I should also mention the Form > Settings > [Database] button/tab .

    You will notice it says the other database and suitable fields must already exist before this can be used. But once they do posting data into another database can happen here.



    Thank you, katw, for your helpful suggestions. I have solved item 3 and am working on item 2.

    I am still hoping for suggestions on an approach that would allow a user to save and retrieve the form so it can be completed or edited. Is the Password field used for that purpose or for some other purpose?

    I will appreciate any suggestions.




    Hi Bill,

    Found an interesting support post along similar theme for item 2.

    They save data entered and reload next part of form with this saved data in background to continue on.

    From experience using another form builder we generated a unique token. The user then used this to “identify” themselves and re-activate form entry.

    This token unlocked (and reconnected) partly saved data so we could build a full POST FORM for Save at end. The ‘Threads’ were then deleted at time of full submit.

    Sometimes if doing a survey, the partial data was just as interesting to evaluate as a full set. Depends on your situation.


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