Pop Down content area

Pop Down content area

Theme Options → Components → Pop Down → Pop Down content

This area can be used as a widget area or just for plain text. The content can be made visible by clicking the Pop Down trigger. Layout style and color palettes can be applied to this section.

Content type

Choose if you want the area to be a widget area or a plain text area.

If you select Text, HTML and Shortcodes you can add content in the field provided below.

If you select Widget area you will now be able to add widgets via Appearance → Widgets → Pop Down Column (#)

Pop Down widget area layout

If you have chosen a widget area you can now select the number of columns for the area. Each column will appear in Appearance → Widgets as its own widget area. Eg: Pop Down Column 2

Columns convert

For optimum viewing, select a new column layout for smaller devices.

Pop Down fixed position

Normally the Pop Down area will push down the content area to make it visible. However, if this option is ON the area will now go over the top of (i.e. cover) the rest of the page areas. There is also an option to cover the whole page no matter the length of the content, by selecting Use screen height.

Starting position

Do you want the Trigger to show first? Use Start up. Do you want the Pop Down main area to show first? Use Start down.

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