Pop Down trigger

Theme Options → Components → Pop Down → Pop Down trigger

The trigger, when clicked, will show the main Pop Down area


Trigger heading, subheading & icon

Add a title, icon, and if required a description, to show on the trigger.

Absolute positioning?

If you select the option “Absolute” the trigger will appear in a fixed position at the top right of the page. If this is not selected the trigger will appear in a relatively positioned box at the very top of the page, above the header.

Convert to relative mode

If you have selected “Absolute” as explained above, it may not display well on smaller devices. Here you can customize the theme to swap from the Absolute mode trigger to the small screen friendly “Relative” mode.

Use trigger dismiss button

If you would like the user to hide the trigger message text (“trigger heading”), then select this option. The trigger will now display an X (close) icon. When the user clicks this, the Pop Down trigger will become a small down arrow – access to the main Pop down area can still be made visible by re-clicking the arrow.

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