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    That can readily be achieved by selecting eah of the the options and going to Settings/and make sure Logic is selected. From here you can show or hide any element depending on what selection previously matches set rules
    Each field is the same as a group and logic can be set for any of them.

    Hope that helps



    Its been nearly 4 years since the topic of Partial Entries was discussed. With the increasing cost of traffic and Advertising its imperative we collect EVERY Potential Lead. Meaning when users enter email address or Name + Email, it Automatically Create an Entries for specific form (validates if entry already made, if so update record).

    From a custom development I’ve implemented this in 4 organization and we’ve seem Leads and conversions from potential(partial leads) increased by 4% on average.

    Can we put this feature on the building block for Next Update. There’s MUCH Value already in QuForm. Not wasting Leads is Key to serious marketer.

    I think its pretty straight forward, feel free to inbox me with any question on workflow.

Viewing 2 posts - 106 through 107 (of 107 total)

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