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    Great plugin and great customer support.

    1. Ability to duplicate fields
    2. Add cc beside bcc in email settings.
    3. Better support for customize HTML email, like conditions and statement to show/not show empty fields
    4. Option to send form to form sender email (in back office panel instead of function.php)
    5. More layout/design to choose from, prefer bootstrap3
    6. Client side validation (HTML5) to save time on top of existing server side.
    7. Ability to manipulate entry id incase you need to create Estimate form and you don’t want to start from number ‘1’.

    Even without all of the above, this plugin is simply amazing and saved me weeks of work.


    I need a form that I know someone out there has already created. Is there anyway to find/share templates once they have been created? I need a booking form just like the one on this page: http://www.goairlinkshuttle dot com


    One-click Address field which has 2 Line Address, Zip, Country drop down, City and State fields

    Radio buttons


    Multiple Image Uploads and Multiple Pages


    1) The ability to edit entries in the admin side.
    2) A trash instead of the permantly “delete” option


    1. WordPress Heartbeat API:
    That will allow QuForms to know when multiple users are viewing or editing the same form at the same time. It is used to help prevent multiple people from trying to make changes to the same form at the same time.

    2. Form scheduling: That would allow you to display a custom message when the form cannot be displayed because the Start Date has not yet begun.

    3. Conditional Notification and confirmation upon form submission.

    4. Making form editing retina ready by implementing scalable icons and compatible with the new WordPress 3.8 as in editing forms on mobile.

    5. Drag and drop multiple file uploads with details such as maximum number of files and size.

    6. WordPress multi-site support.

    7. Easy implementation of Mailchimp, PayPal, user creation, etc.

    8. Responsive forms with the ability to add vector fonts such as FontAwesome.

    9. A dedicated store where people can sell their themes and add theirs for free.

    Please do consider them…and thanks for such an awesome plugin!


    When using a database, (Wp or external) prevent duplicate database entries.

    Currently when you select “Prevent Duplicates” if a from has been posted with the same details that you select it does prevent duplicates. “BUT” if you remove the duplicate form, it allows it to be posted again even though the details are still in the database.

    Duplicate entries needs to check the database not just a stored form.



    Better control of the SUBMIT button.


    Enable/Disable, Hide/Unhide… based on condition logic of another fields input or selection.
    WPCF7 has a nice feature which lets you check or uncheck a box to enable/disable the submit button.
    I’ve seen a few people asking about this on here, but seems the only way is getting tricky with Javascript which kind of negates the purpose of buying a “drag and drop” form creator.


    Fantastic plugin!

    A very good addition to the next update would be integrating Akismet!



    One add-in everyone could use and it very important in my opinion is a conditional logic that would permit to populate one group data to the other group based on field name (if similar) then for example if people want us to ship them bonuses if their address is same info twice then one “click here if address same: and the field is per-populated with the above group.


    Hi !

    I’m searching an easy way to insert a country dropdown menu without having to write by myself all the name of the countries of the world ! Is it possible ?


    Ditto on “Signature Field for touch or mouse”.

    I was trying to replace use of a form on a client WordPress site with QuForm but lacked their signature option.

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    Please add support for Indian Rupee.

    It has a proper ISO Code standardisation and recognition as well as an official symbol.

    Please have a look:


    A ‘Test Email Settings’ button would be great for checking the viability of the email settings saved.


    Really love this plugin so far! Here are a couple things I would have loved to see this first time using it:

    – Responsive forms

    – Form Editor-specific suggestions
    • Duplicate any item
    • Insert item at any point (not always at the bottom)
    • Add custom CSS for hover states of buttons, etc.
    • Move groups and everything contained by dragging just the group

    – Formatting (colums, floating, etc) shown in main editor for easier styling

    – A grid option for multiple choice (radio button) inputs (see this screenshot to see what I mean)

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 125 total)
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