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    Deny Spam E-mail Submissions

    It would be great to have conditional logic available to prevent SPAM entries being received.

    ie: If entry contains ” %viagra% ” then deny entry.
    (% being a wild card)

    I’m sure this would be simple but powerful to implement. And very well received by Quform customers.

    It annoys me to find SPAM in my customers received entries.


    Happy user on couple of sites here for over 2 years – would love to have the option to export forms to PDF. Cheers 🙂


    It would be great to duplicate forms, fields or groups


    Please add the ability to archive entries. For example, i have a application form and when i hire someone i would like to archive their applications in case i need to access them at a later time. At the moment, the only thing i can do is leave it under entries and it created to much confusion.



    Would love to see you implement multi-select in a more visually appealing method. Like this:

    Multiple Selection



    When I receive a notification of an email I get it twice and it comes from

    this is posted on there site…but its all above me….what do I do ???

    Bluehost Web Hosting Help

    Scripted E-mails appear to come from


    Why do scripted e-mails come from < > when I have specified otherwise?

    This is because our servers require you (or your script) to use a properly formatted, valid From: field in the email’s header. If the From: field is not formatted correctly, empty or the email address does not exist in the cPanel, the From: address will be changed to
    You must change the script you are using to correctly use a valid From: header.

    Examples of headers that should work would be:

    From: will work
    From: “user” <>
    Examples of headers that will NOT work:
    From: “”
    From: user @
    From: <>
    Our servers will not accept the name for the email address and the email address to be the same. It will not accept a double declaration of the email address.

    If you do not want to edit your PHP based scripts, you can modify the sendmail_path line located in your php.ini. You would want to modify it like this:
    sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f’’

    The part that you will be adding is: -f’’

    This method works because the php mail function calls sendmail (a program on the server) directly using the path defined in your php.ini. Placing the -f flag here allows us to work directly with sendmail without PHP getting in the way. Passing a “From” header to the php mail function will override the -f flag set in your php.ini.

    For scripts such as Joomla and WordPress, you will need to follow their documentation for formatting the from fields properly. WordPress will require the Mail From plugin.

    Note: The email address you use must be a valid created account in the cPanel.


    I recently had the problem that I replied to emails submitted by quform and they landed in the spam folder of my client.

    Sometimes it helps to actually put the name of the sender in the meta info of the email something like “Michael Schmith <>”.

    Right now quform does not allow this.

    So this is my request: Allow me to configure the reply-email to a format like “{nameInput} <{emailInput}>”


    Could be interesting to have a way to use quform to add custom user data to integrate data user table.
    Bye Alex


    Hello! Calculation would be great.



    1. Use the form Localization setting to populate the “date picker”. Editing the common.php file is not a long term solution. (High priority)

    2. Make it possible to set site defaults in the site settings. This should include “This field is required”, Day, Month, Year, “Submit button”, date picker locale and (required). Please note: Site defaults only. It should still be possible to change these as today.

    Joe Dostie

    It would be nice if the “Save Another Form Value” button would scroll in the database tab in the “what to save” section just like the element selector does.

    When adding many database fields its tedious to scroll back up to the top every time to keep adding new fields.

    While I am on it, it would also be nice to have some sort of an import ability instead of having to add each field manually. I don’t think it would need to import the data type and all the settings. Just an ability so you don’t have to type everything.

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    Joe Dostie

    The ability to “hide” a label of an element on a form.

    Its important to label all the elements so you can understand whats going on with the form, but for esthetic reasons I sometimes will NOT label an element like my STATE selection as its obvious to a user.

    The problem with not labeling is that when you try and select it as a variable to the custom database settings it shows up as a empty value.

    I know I could do this with CSS but it would be nice to have it as a check box option with the element.

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    Joe Dostie

    Allow a “test/dev” site to run with a valid license key.

    I know you allow us to use an “unlicensed” version for development or testing but it would be nice to have the update functionality and not see that red notice at the top.

    Also I always update my test environment first to make sure its going to be smooth and check for any conflicts.

    I have to move my key back and forth for that.


    When is expected new version?

    I used the Quform plugin for several years, and is very solid, but now other plugins offer more features.

    This topic for suggestions & ideas began more than two years …




    I’m looking for something like this that’s why my suggestions are…

    1. Make forms data saved (already)
    2. Give the chance to the administrator of creating forms “only for logged users”, must login to submit /access form
    3. When submitted, link the data to a register user (if logged in)
    4. Shortcode to create a front-end list with all submited “only for logged users” forms entrys by the user in all website
    5. Multiple responses from “View entry” page with a possibility of reply from the user (by front-end list)
    6. Auto reply to e-mail the submited responses and reply’s to the user and administrator.
    4. Status options for the entry’s as “concluded”, “In progress”, “Waiting reply” ,… defined by the administrator.

    That’s give a chance to manage all the requests from the website and have history of user requests and answers in one place make this available for the user and administrator.

    With this you send this plugin to another level. Users with suport websites can use this plugin too.

    Give me your feedback please in order to understand if my ideas are good for you.

    Thank you.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 122 total)
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