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    It would be great if the scripts are only enqueued when the shortcode is present. Here shows how that can be accomplished

    Or at least have an option in the settings where we can exclude “all scripts” from pages that there is no form. Currently, the plugin inserts around 15 scripts on every page. And even, if we select all of the “disable output” options, it only disable 8 scripts.



    Can we add the ability to archive entries, for example i use the forms for applications, and i would like to be able to save some application on archives instead of leaving them active on the list of entries.


    Resend Notification/Autoreply button or Action…

    I have had times where I did not receive a notification email or the persons completing the form did not receive a autoreply email.
    Normally this was caused by a problem in the server but would be great to implement something so that from the the entries view of a form I can select some entries and from the dropdown select “Resend Notifications” and “Resend Autoreplies” and “Resend Notifications & Autoreplies”

    Selecting this action than would send the message to the relevant emails as set in the settings or entered in the form.


    PHP Sessions with Quform in WP V4.2.4

    Hi Guys
    I have been working all day trying to use the posted data in a php session when redirecting to another page . It seems normal php sessions do not want to work properly. This is what i have now come up with. Quform or someone else may have another way for this, but i have found this to be very easy to implement

    1) install WP Session Manager
    2) Edit your functions page where you are calling the data from the form in the redirect
    Instead of building an array, at the top of the function enter the following

    $wp_session = WP_Session::get_instance();

    Then create your session for each of the form elements you need

    $wp_session['your session' ]= $form->getValue('iphorm_your_element);

    You can create a different session for each form element

    When you wish to call or display any of the sessions on a page or post put the following line at the top

    $wp_session = WP_Session::get_instance();

    You can then display any of your session wherever you need to and work with them.

    Here is a short working sample after installing WP Session Manager

    function mytheme_modify_form_redirect2($url, $form)
    $wp_session = WP_Session::get_instance();
    $wp_session['Forename' ]= $form->getValue('iphorm_1_1');
    $wp_session['Surname'] = $form->getValue('iphorm_1_2');
    $url = ('your url');
    return $url;
    add_action('iphorm_success_redirect_url_2', 'mytheme_modify_form_redirect2', 10, 2);

    And on the page to call the elements and display them

    $wp_session = WP_Session::get_instance();
    echo $wp_session['Forename'];
    echo $wp_session['Surname'];


    Hope this helps


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    • This reply was modified 8 years, 4 months ago by patdundee.
    • This reply was modified 8 years, 4 months ago by patdundee.

    Hi Ally,

    I was wondering if you would be so kind as to update the file jquery.smooth-scroll.min.js in Quform to its last version.

    As you provably know already, this is a very robust plugin, with a good and helpful developer behind it and I am sure the update will not cause you any trouble.

    I am using the last version (1.5.6) in some projects and it is working flawlessly, you are still using version 1.4.9.

    BTW, I added a few more strings to the Quform Spanish translation (just 3% 🙂 sorry). I have tried to attach the files here with no luck, please let me know how I can send them to you.


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    is possible to make an update to the feature duplicate field? like that


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    I would like to see a feature of automatic reminders or scheduled events. For example, customer schedules an event today for one month in the future. Then at a set time (adjustable) prior to the event, customer and I get a reminder(with customizable message) of the event.

    Thanks for considering!


    Probably suggested hundreds of times but…
    1. Ability to duplicate Groups and multiple fields at a time – [this one is glaringly obvious. A large form/questionaire will require many option fields that are only very slightly varied, so being able to copy and paste them would make life so much easier]
    2. Ability to add more layers of conditional formatting for more complex rules
    3. Ability to involve thumbnail layers that can be displayed via conditional rules.


    One feature I’d love is to format the mobile phone number field, ie have it break the numbers up as 0000 000 000. When I export them to excel for my database it always looses the opening 0 and I have to add it to each number, because it just interprets it as a general number.


    I suggest:

    1- Translate the plugin to Arabic and i know friend who very professional in that he can help and make it support RTL and Arabic version for the form i can talk to him to provide the translation and you can provide a selection option in the plugin after install it to use it RTL and by arabic language

    2- Connect the plugin forms with newsletter plugin to make it easy to get database for contacts and filtered and use it easy to send notifications and emails offers direct with no much handle for all contacts of clients

    3- Connect it with payment methods

    4- Fix popup option to make it responsiveness with all type of device like phones and others.

    5- Provide a lot of templates and forms prepared before just choose it to work with and make it fit to alot of fields like hotel booking and tour booking and all types of forms to make people choose which form they want to use so they can find all things they need with zero time and few clicks they can use it and work.

    6- Provide Auto Reply with attachment files instantly for each choice.
    such as: this one
    when i select an offer number 1 and submit my request i receive auto reply with the text content and attachment file for offer 1 and if i do it for offer number 2 i receive auto reply with another attachment file related to the offer so there is file and auto reply for each choice.

    I hope i can see this features soon



    Suggestion to make this good plugin into a great one :

    1- Multipage
    2- Duplicate Groups and other fields at a time
    3- Link to payment methods
    4- More templates, maybe from users.

    Keep Up Allan!


    Duplicate fields and groups…! if you have large forms with repeated items it would be so helpful!


    Grid for precise placing of the items (and not only columns which are filled up!) would be very helpful as well. Imagine a form with templates (pictures in rows and columns) and the user can choose a template with a checkbox and the choose the option…with a real grid this would be easy to do. Compare NexForms, only he has other problems there…


    Automatically close popup once form is sent


    Conditional thanks message or redirect. So for instance, if user answered ‘are you likely to purchase?’ with ‘maybe’ then display a coupon code.

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