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  • in reply to: Database error disrupts MySQL replication #28940

    As a follow-up… I double-checked my log files this morning. Much to my dismay, the most important installation still has that error occurring every few minutes.

    There are two major differences between other installations and this one:

    • This server is a “Networked” or “Multisite” environment.
    • This server is running on Microsoft IIS, not Apache/Linux.

    I cannot figure out why your suggestion worked in all other environments, but not the most important one. Is there any chance that you could investigate, or recommend a course of investigation?

    in reply to: Database error disrupts MySQL replication #28930

    I had already attempted the suggested update on one of my servers, with no luck. As of this morning, it was still throwing warnings, and I have rebooted and cleared the cache since applying the update.

    So, to ensure I hadn’t missed something I added variants. In all, here are the entries that I added:

    • quform_sessions (recommended)
    • quform_session
    • quform_sessions_
    • quform_session_

    I’m not sure which of these worked, but one of these entries helped. I copied these settings to several of my sites, and they all appear to have stopped throwing the PHP warning reported earlier.
    NOTE: I had to purge all W3TC caches for this to work, but it worked almost immediately after that.

    If you can review which variants might have worked and confirm that it appears to be the additional of “quform_session_” or “quform_sessions_”. It would be really helpful to update the page you linked to.

    Thanks for the continued support!

    in reply to: Background image in email notifications? #28895

    Not sure if this addresses your question directly, but I wanted to remind you that Email CSS must be inline. It cannot refer to external sources.

    So, for example, you would include the <style> configurations at the top of your email definition. (I have done it several times)

    body {
    background-color: gray;

    This makes the background color of my email gray. In order for your email to use the desired background image, you would also need to ensure it was publicly available the recipients, and use a full URL, not a relative URL.

    body {
    /* NOT THIS */
    background-image: url("paper.gif");
    /* NOR THIS */
    background-image: url("/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/paper.gif");
    /* THIS! */
    background-image: url("");

    in reply to: States and Local Goverments #28893

    I believe you will find your answer in this post:

    Populating a select menu based on the value of another select menu

    It worked for me!

    in reply to: Suggestions & Ideas #28614

    It would be great if you added a hook for quform_pre_export, or similar, that would permit manipulation of the field values exported from Quforms.
    In my current case, my client uses custom values in the <Select> options which we would like to alter for the export to excel. She frequently uses commas in those options, which can be very difficult to parse in Excel.

    One example:  (single entry with two values):
    Folsom MOB – Tuesdays, 5:15-6, CR3A&B, Point West MOB – Thursdays, 5:15-6, CR3

    I use a filter on notifications to turn these values into linked bulleted lists. It would be great if I could do similar to remove the superfluous values on export.
    Thanks for creating a wonderful plugin and forums full of hooks and other customizations!

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    in reply to: Query String Name field #28466

    Of course! As soon as I submitted an inquiry, I found the answer in a Ally’s reply to a different subject.

    It is now possible to add a dot value to the ID to retrieve a portion of the name field. So, my adjusted code would read


    Hope this helps somebody else!

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    in reply to: If user selects "No" I want a message to appear #28465

    You could use “Conditional Logic” to hide an HTML field with the message you want displayed.

    Open in the properties for this hidden HTML field, click the <Logic> button, then “Enable conditional logic”.

    For the rules, select “Show this field” and “if all these rules match”.

    Finally, click the <Add logic rule> button to build a rule [Foo (1_4)] [is] [No].

    Hope this helps!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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