Changing the CAPTCHA image

It is possible that the captcha (Type the word) image that is included with the form does not match your design and you can change it quite simply.

We have created 8 CAPTCHA image styles that you can use by simply changing the image in the HTML. Here is a list of the image names:

  • ar-carter-dark.png
  • ar-carter-light.png
  • courier-new-dark.png
  • courier-new-light.png
  • crime-scene-dark.png
  • crime-scene-light.png
  • dripping-marker-dark.png
  • dripping-marker-light.png

In the Resources folder you will see a PSD (Photoshop) file so you can modify any one of our captcha images to suit your site.

  • 1. Replace the file quform/images/courier-new-light.png with your new image
  • 2. You can choose any word you want for the image, if you change it from the default, you will need to change the process.php file to change the token of the captcha validator to match the word contained in your new image. See below for more information.

In process.php locate the configuration for the CAPTCHA field by searching for the term $captcha, you will see the code below.

$captcha->addValidator('identical', array('token' => 'catch'));
$captcha->addValidator('identical', array('token' => 'catch'));

Change the text catch to match the word or letters that are in your new CAPTCHA image.

NOTE: The CAPTCHA system is very simple and will prevent random form submissions by bots roaming around the internet (which happens a lot). It will not prevent targeted attacks however, but the chances of that happening are small and most other CAPTCHAs are not safe against targeted attacks either. We believe that an easy, simple CAPTCHA is a good trade off between the spam, usability and browser compatibility of the form. Since at the end of the day you don’t want to miss messages for new business by users being put off or unable to pass a complex CAPTCHA challenge. If you do need a more complex CAPTCHA field, see the pages Using reCAPTCHA and Using a custom CAPTCHA.

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