Sending the form user an autoreply email

You may want to send the form user an email to let them know that their enquiry was sent successfully. To do this you will need to open the file quform/process.php and search for the term $config['autoreply']. Set this variable to true.

If you look on the lines below this, you’ll see the code that sets the subject of the autoreply as well as the names of the files that contain the content of the email. The subject can contain placeholder variables, which is your form element unique name surrounded by % signs. The submitted value of the form element with that name will be used in its place. With the default settings the autoreply will contain the content found in the file quform/emails/autoreply.php. You can simply edit this file to change the content of the autoreply email. If you need to access a submitted form value from inside the email, see the page Accessing submitted form data from inside the emails.

Different autoreply emails per form

If you want another form to have a different autoreply email, you should make a copy of autoreply.php and name it something different then customise the content. Then in the process file for your new form, use the new filename instead for the variable $config['autoreplyBody']. For example if you have named the autoreply file for your second form autoreply-register.php

$config['autoreplyBody'] = '/emails/autoreply-register.php';
$config['autoreplyBody'] = '/emails/autoreply-register.php';
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