File upload troubleshooting

Email does not arrive

If your email doesn’t arrive, try it again without the file upload field. If it still doesn’t arrive then try the suggestions on the You do not recieve email page. If the email only doesn’t arrive when you have a file upload field, you might be exceeding email size limits of your web host or one of the relays, so try a really small attachment. If it still does not work, contact us and we’ll try and help you fix it.

Email does not have attachments

Double check you have added the file upload element to the form in process.php, as described in the File uploads page.

Maximum file size problems

By default PHP only allows an upload_max_filesize of 2MB. You will need to change this setting in php.ini to your value, if you don’t have access to change php.ini check with your web host about how to change PHP settings. Many hosts will allow you to make changes to these values. The other value you will need to check is post_max_size, which is needs to be larger than your upload_max_filesize value.

Form returns “This field is required” for all fields

You may be exceeding limit the PHP ini directive post_max_size which apparently sets $_POST and $_FILES to empty arrays, thus your form will say that these fields are required. So increase the limit.

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